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Gabions are large structures made of steel mesh with wire diameter of 2.7 - 6,0 mm with permanent anti-corrosion covering - galvanizing.

The steel mesh may be welded with square or rectangular openings, usually sized between 75 - 100 mm or it can be woven - double twisted with hexagonal openings sized 60/80 mm or 80/100 mm.

Gabions are transported folded to the site. They are assembled on the spot by using steel wire with 2.5-2.7 diameter or steel pins with the same anti-corrosion coverings for the mounting connections. Gabions are filled with large stones extracted from solid rocks that are weatherproof.

For aesthetic appearance of the front surfaces (e.g. for decorative walls applications), the stone is arranges manually in order to make it look like dry stonework. The contact surface between the gabions and backfilling is usually provided by using geotextile with separating and filtering function.

Scope of application:

 Supporting and retaining walls, decorative walls, protection against erosion of river banks, steep slopes / rays, protection from falling rocks.

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