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Geodesic and mine surveys

"Eskana" AD has a team of highly qualified professionals offering the following services:
-  Securing the geodesic basis of sites and quarries, creation of geodetic networks for local application with the respective accuracy.
-  Performing all types of geodetic measurements and calculations in relation to the development of graphic documentation, support networks, basic plans of the quarries, cross-sections and profiles.
-  Control on the operational works, development and drilling and blasting works during all stages and levels of preparation and performance of the latter;
-   Control on sites under construction.
-   Geodetic and markscheider photography and calculation of the volume of earth masses.
-  Preparation of documents for the "Geodesy" part for prospecting and exploration of mineral resources, concession borders.
-  Development of projects for extraction and reclamation of quarries.
-  Development of detailed land development plans - plans for regulation.

Implemented projects:

-  Terrain site plans of quarries and areas for exploration on the territory of the cities of Varna, Ruse, Burgas, Dobrich, Razgrad.
-  Rehabilitation of roads on the territory of Varna and Dobrich district.
-  Control on the quality and volume of implemented construction and mounting works for road, bank protection and construction sites on the territory of Dobrich, Varna and Silistra district.
-  Investment designs, part "Geodesy" for sites in Varna district.


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